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I stumbled upon a couple of logs I saved from when I went on Omegle a lot in the summer. I shall post them because I find them funny. You may or may not.Read more... )
I've got the sudden urge to novelise Final Fantasy 7 again. IDK why, but it just happens occasionally. Like I've got this idea of writing it as more sci-fi than fantasy and sort of trying to be more realistic.

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Title: Kissed you Goodbye at the Airport
Rating: K+
Pairing: Seddie
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 342
Notes: This was inspired by the song Summercat by Bille the Vision and the Dancers. I saw an advert with that song at the cinema last week and it got in my head. I looked up the lyrics and found they were surprisingly sad. IDK, I just sort of ended up writing this almost as a goodbye to the fandom cos I don't think I've really written anything since I realised that it's probably over for me. I mean I might end up finding an inspiration and finishing everything but I doubt it and it doesn't feel right without having a little thing to sign off on.

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So this is for a thing I might have mentioned somewhere about a desert of ghosts. Which doesn't do it any real justice. Basically I have this idea for a world, but no real plot beyond a general motivation. I haven't actually named the main character yet. In fact the only name I'm sure about is Cordelia. Anyway, mostly doing world building and still a long way to an actual story yet.

Seeing as not much is concrete yet, if this intrigues you and you have questions about this world, ask away. It may help the ideas flow. On with the writing:

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And it was damn good. I think I should do a post on my general reaction to it, but maybe a bit of time to collect my thoughts would be good.

But immediate reactions:

1. Iroh got his tea shop back. FUCK YEAH.
2. I can't really understand how all the ship wars happened for this show.
3. Ty Lee and the Kyoshi Warriors bonded in prison. I'm fairly sure that in this case bonded means "had sex".
4. I don't know what to ship. I want to ship everyone with everyone.
5. That whole thing was awesome.
6. Iroh got his tea shop back. FUCK YEAH.
7. I can't be the only person that thinks King Bumi chose to be imprisoned in a funky coffin, can I?
8. Toph is awesome.
9. Sokka is also awesome.
10. I also think the entire gang's Fire Nation outfits were awesome.
Toph is totally badass. I sort of love The Boulder because he's based on The Rock and voiced by Mick Foley. And Azula is quite obviously fucking the shit out of Ty Lee.

Also is it wrong to ship Appa/Momo?
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Title: Scared of the Dark
Rating: T
Warnings: Depression, Suicide.
Wordcount: 724

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See that big shiny thing up there? That's a gamma ray burst, the oldest and farthest away spotted, in fact. They are very special.

First there's two theories on what causes them. The first is that a star is so massive (over 100x the mass of the sun) collapses into a black hole, the second is the collision of two neutron stars to form a black hole. The first is thought to cause a gamma ray burst averaging 30 seconds long, the second a much shorter burst.

Gamma ray bursts are the most luminescent things in the universe. In the short few seconds they last, they release more energy than the sun will in it's entire ten billion year life span. It is thought that if one were to occur in our milky way galaxy, it would cause the mass extinction of all life on earth.

The gamma ray burst pictured lasted ten seconds and is the furthest thing from earth ever detected, and by that virtue, also the earliest thing known to have existed in the universe and it is thought that the star that caused it could have been one of the first stars to exist. It is so bright, that was visible for those ten seconds despite occuring 13 billion light years away.
I keep finding myself wanting to write but then reaching a block that I can't overcome. Annoying. I wish I could just shove my ideas into someone else's brain so that they could write it instead.

All right, so far my idea is that each different story in the Masks universe should be handled in a way that it stands alone. So each one will begin with a recap of the origin story that sets it up enough to make sense. What I have done so far, is written bits and pieces for a few of these recaps (without working on the first story, of course). I just can't bring myself to start in the middle of one of these stories either, which would make much more sense. I dunno, but here, have a tiny taste of the Masks Universe.

Carly Shay had never been a geek. Sure, she wasn't like the head cheerleader or anything but around the school she had a reputation as a fun, fairly intelligent and generally nice girl. She had never once read a comic book, nor knowingly approached a comic book store. If asked, she'd probably have said that Spider-man was Tobey Maguire and Batman was Christian Bale. She didn't know who Deadpool was, nor Green Lantern. Any mention of DC or Marvel would leave her nonplussed. Thus she was not aware that standard superhero storytelling demanded some sort of tragic event drive her to heroism.

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May. 3rd, 2010 10:08 am
I need to keep track of my dreams. Hopefully it'll help me remember when I've been lucid because those dreams are awesome.

So it sort of started off with Carly and Sam, and Sam was drug addict and had moved away from seattle and Carly just shows up out of the blue to try and sort Sam's life out. Which I think might be from a fic. That's not the good part.

I don't remember how this worked, but I think Jade from Victorious showed or something? But it was around that point that lucidity came to me and it turned into a car chase film starring Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Liz Gillies.

For some reason it kicked off in Vancouver, although I don't know whether that's where it started with the Cam bit. But anyway, it had Liz Gillies' character hiring Jennette's for one last job, with Miranda's being Jennette's girlfriend and being all like "But you're retired now."

The job was for Jennette to be a decoy (driving a citroen, which I probably should've realised was stupid) for this other mother and child who owed the mob money or something that Liz was helping to escape to Liverpool. I don't know where in the US they were driving to, but Jennette had to distract the mob while the mother and child drove there to catch a plane to Liverpool. I woke up before it got there, from then on it was basically a massive car chase.

Now I have no idea why Vancouver, or she was driving a citroen (which would make for the worst car chase film ever) but I think Liverpool might have been chosen because of the match yesterday (Chelsea beat Liverpool and have almost won the title).
Strange, I know. I'm sorta waiting until the end of season until I watch the iCarly again. But I want to see more Victorious partly because of the lesbians but also I really enjoy ripping it apart and having ideas about how it could be better. IDK, I just think either it'll get better and then it'll actually be decent show or (much more likely) it'll be a story of wasted potential but there'll be at least one episode where it shows what it could be (either by actually being funny or seeing one of the actors rise above the script).

W/e it's like a crash in Formula 1, terrible but I want to see them.

("i have a crate of fail for a d schneider" is now my official Victorious tag).

That just about sums it up.

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Why no true same sex romances? The audio files are on the discs, so it was obviously an idea and it made it as far as recording. So why was it cut from the final game? Especially annoying is the fact that there is absolutely no way to make John Shepard gay, or even hint at something other than heterosexuality. With Jane Shepard we have the pseudo-lesbian romance with Liara and the fling with Kelly in ME2, not to mention the various interactions with dancers and whatnot, meaning that with effort a player can make a Jane Shepard that is categorically a lesbian, if we so wish. But with John Shepard, nothing at all. Not even one point where he can compliment another man's looks or something? Not even just the tiniest hint?

Now, I really wouldn't care usually. I didn't really care in ME1, because Liara was just Liara, she's from an all female species and can romance Shepard regardless of gender, so it sort of works out. Yes, the audio files are still there for Jane/Ashley and John/Kaiden but I can understand those romances being removed. Mass Effect was a big game and it isn't your job to fight for gay rights, so even having Jane/Liara was a bold move.

My problems have come with ME2 and specifically Tali. She flirts with a Shepard of either gender pretty heavily, and I was pretty annoyed when I reached that point with a female Shepard and it was immediately cut off. Shepard romancing Tali/Garrus makes a lot of sense. They're not at all compatible sexually but they've formed a bond over the journey they've taken together. If they're crossing a species divide (and for both of them it's mentioned that even swapping spit could be fatal, let alone the idea of Tali getting out of her suit) then it seems a little weird for gender to be such an issue.

And here's the thing, it wouldn't have mattered if you'd just had Jane and Tali doing a similar thing to the John/Garrus bromance. But you left in the flirty lines and didn't even shut it down properly. You could have had Tali worry about the gender issue and the potential fatality and decide it's not worth risking the friendship.

What's most annoying is that there is no male homosexuality at all despite the fact that the hacked PC versions with a John/Kaiden romance can still play out the scenes in ME2. Why are lesbians (even if off on a technicality) allowed but gay men are verboten?

Sincerely, plug_in_baby57

P.S Please also sort out the dialog options. I did not want my paragon female Shepard flirting with every male crew member, but it happened. Why do the paragon choices always lead to the romance, why not put the romance dialog in it's own seperate place. I want to be nice, without leading people on.

Also, Jack. Why does she get so much more development for male Shepards who romance her? Why can't I show that people can be good for the sake of being good as a female Shepard, or without shagging her in the end? Why can't I go a bit further with Miranda's dialog for that matter either? When playing as a female Shepard, the women on the crew seem very underdeveloped. I'm sure the opposite will be true when I get around to my male Shepard. Let the characters cover the full journey you've written for them without forcing us to romance them. You can only romance one character all the way on each playthrough. I'd rather see these characters develop on one playthrough, that way the suicide mission would have much bigger emotional impact, for example you don't really get attached to Jack without romancing her and seeing her change.
I suppose I need an original fic tag as well now. I think I might just have a desire to do some world building.

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Sometimes I think that if I knew a transvetite, I'd be very into crossdressing.
Yay for writing ability returning a bit. This is probably going to be the start of my superheroes fic, but you know it goes into the action scene at the end.

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that Tifa had to cut her hair the sneak onto the cargo ship at Junon, hence it being shorter in Advent Children. Also, with all the travelling they did in game, Tifa ate a lot and put on a bit of weight, hence the smaller boobs once her diet returned to normal.

I have also justified all the jumping as FF7's planet being a small, low gravity world(hence Cloud being uninjured after falling into the church), whose North Pole is always pointed away from it's star. Thus the northern hemisphere is always in winter and the southern is always summer, hence it's lack of ice near the pole (the case is the opposite of Earth, FF7 has land on the north pole but not the south). This suggests a temperate climate between the tropics, but with it getting hotter closer towards the southern tropic, instead of the equator and the South Pole is about as warm as the northern tropic.

Furthermore, I propose that like the Gulf Stream, there is a current that takes water from Mideel's cost on the hot southern tropic, north up near Wutai, hence their seemingly warmer climate. I have yet to bullshit up an explanation for Costa Del Sol.

Anyways, after reading tvtropes pages on FF8 I think I might have to replay it to get the full experience.
Title: Fireworks and Blushes
Characters/pairings: Cloud/Yuffie
Rating: K
Wordcount: 545
Notes: Not my original idea but I found it hard to finish so I thought "I'll start a new drabble and keep it short!" Then wrote 500 words for it but it's done.

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