I keep finding myself wanting to write but then reaching a block that I can't overcome. Annoying. I wish I could just shove my ideas into someone else's brain so that they could write it instead.

All right, so far my idea is that each different story in the Masks universe should be handled in a way that it stands alone. So each one will begin with a recap of the origin story that sets it up enough to make sense. What I have done so far, is written bits and pieces for a few of these recaps (without working on the first story, of course). I just can't bring myself to start in the middle of one of these stories either, which would make much more sense. I dunno, but here, have a tiny taste of the Masks Universe.

Carly Shay had never been a geek. Sure, she wasn't like the head cheerleader or anything but around the school she had a reputation as a fun, fairly intelligent and generally nice girl. She had never once read a comic book, nor knowingly approached a comic book store. If asked, she'd probably have said that Spider-man was Tobey Maguire and Batman was Christian Bale. She didn't know who Deadpool was, nor Green Lantern. Any mention of DC or Marvel would leave her nonplussed. Thus she was not aware that standard superhero storytelling demanded some sort of tragic event drive her to heroism.

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Yay for writing ability returning a bit. This is probably going to be the start of my superheroes fic, but you know it goes into the action scene at the end.

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