May. 3rd, 2010 10:08 am
I need to keep track of my dreams. Hopefully it'll help me remember when I've been lucid because those dreams are awesome.

So it sort of started off with Carly and Sam, and Sam was drug addict and had moved away from seattle and Carly just shows up out of the blue to try and sort Sam's life out. Which I think might be from a fic. That's not the good part.

I don't remember how this worked, but I think Jade from Victorious showed or something? But it was around that point that lucidity came to me and it turned into a car chase film starring Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Liz Gillies.

For some reason it kicked off in Vancouver, although I don't know whether that's where it started with the Cam bit. But anyway, it had Liz Gillies' character hiring Jennette's for one last job, with Miranda's being Jennette's girlfriend and being all like "But you're retired now."

The job was for Jennette to be a decoy (driving a citroen, which I probably should've realised was stupid) for this other mother and child who owed the mob money or something that Liz was helping to escape to Liverpool. I don't know where in the US they were driving to, but Jennette had to distract the mob while the mother and child drove there to catch a plane to Liverpool. I woke up before it got there, from then on it was basically a massive car chase.

Now I have no idea why Vancouver, or she was driving a citroen (which would make for the worst car chase film ever) but I think Liverpool might have been chosen because of the match yesterday (Chelsea beat Liverpool and have almost won the title).



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