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I've got the sudden urge to novelise Final Fantasy 7 again. IDK why, but it just happens occasionally. Like I've got this idea of writing it as more sci-fi than fantasy and sort of trying to be more realistic.

Like one of my things is that I wouldn't try to factor in all the different weapons of the party. Cos it's fair enough to mix it up for gameplay purposes, and there's character significance in some choices, but I just wouldn't be able to write a story that included say, Tifa regularly trying to fist fight guys with guns, or punching out dragons. I mean, I certainly would make a point of her strength and fighting skills, but they'd all use guns for the most part. Especially as with the likes of Cid, the spear really doesn't hold any significance as far as I can see.

I also feel the need to come up with a sci-fi explanation for how Barret's gun arm works. It's too weird to be immediately believable, and although I'd like to just portray him as a one-armed badass, the gun is sort of plot important.

And I've just got this urge to add in things that didn't happen in game for whatever reason. Like say, the party getting winter clothes as they head north. Even a man of Barret's size needs more warmth than a string vest provides.

I'd probably avoid things like the massive bosses. Like I'd have Jenova be human sized, but with fuck loads of tentacles and shit. And just generally tone things down. It's not that the game is bad for these things, but it's just not something I'd wanna write a lot of.

Materia would be difficult as well. I think I'd just go for the basic green ones really. Fire, Ice, Lighting, Cure. The purple and yellow would just be too hard to justify. The summons I reckon could be justified but I don't know whether they'd fit in. Also, they're not actually much use in game and there's only so many times people would want to see them.

So yeah, just some rambling ideas for something I will probably never do.
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