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Title: Kissed you Goodbye at the Airport
Rating: K+
Pairing: Seddie
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 342
Notes: This was inspired by the song Summercat by Bille the Vision and the Dancers. I saw an advert with that song at the cinema last week and it got in my head. I looked up the lyrics and found they were surprisingly sad. IDK, I just sort of ended up writing this almost as a goodbye to the fandom cos I don't think I've really written anything since I realised that it's probably over for me. I mean I might end up finding an inspiration and finishing everything but I doubt it and it doesn't feel right without having a little thing to sign off on.

As I gave her one last hug, my resolve failed and the dam holding back my tears failed. She was leaving and it wasn't even after an argument, it hadn't ended up as an “I don't love you any more” situation. She just had to go.

“A few years ago you'd have been glad to see me go,” she laughed. I laughed too. It was true but it didn't make it any better, didn't stop the pain. As I cried harder, she said “come on now Freddie, you know I can't pass up this opportunity.” She patted me on the shoulder before gently pulling me off her. “Besides, you've got your whole life ahead of you. You'll probably forget about me before I get off the plane.” And with that, her flight was called. In an instant she was heaving her luggage down the terminal, one hand waving goodbye and a beaming grin on her face.

Nearby a man in a suit, probably a travelling businessman, looked towards me from his laptop. “Everything's gonna be all right,” he said.

I doubted his words. I was feeling a pain I'd never felt before and it a cure didn't seem possible. I smiled through the tears and nodded to him. “It won't but thanks anyway,” I said. I took a seat with a view out of the window overlooking the runway. I sat and watched the planes taking off and landing for about an hour, not knowing which one was hers.

I made the loneliest walk of my life back to the car. That we'd shared the car for two years didn't help my broken heart in the slightest. Reaching towards the door handle, it occurred to me that she had driven, wanting to have one last drive in it and she still had the keys. Seattle never disappointed and the first drops of rain splashed on the roof. In the circumstances, I thought it mildly fortunate that people wouldn't see my tears on the long walk home.
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