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That was... not terrible, actually.

I'm thinking that all the A plots need to be about Tori's rivalry/budding relationship with Jade. If only because it's obvious that Tori will always be the focus of the A plot and quite frankly she needs Jade at the moment to be at all interesting.

Also, Wiki tells me it was not written by Dan Schneider and I think it shows. The gags were better than previously (I liked the way pretty much everyone was suddenly treating Tori like a violent thug) and well, it was a bit less of a turd. But the potential is showing, and I think perhaps it'll follow iCarly and get better in the second season, although I doubt it'll match iCarly's heights.

The B plot was good if only because of Trina, who unlike Tori actually has some sort of defining trait that isn't how great she is. Robbie was thoroughly unlikeable throughout and I'm sort of hoping they'll never try to portray him as sympathetic. Being an ensemble show, I think they can afford to just have be a dick and not worry about it. We don't have to love all the characters for them to serve a comedic role. Basically, we should be laughing with Tori and Andre, being the nice ones but laughing at Cat and Robbie who are the fools. What I didn't like was that the B plot reminded me so much of a lot of Spencer's B plots in iCarly. I just get the sense that Trina will see a lot of B plot action, and like with Spencer it'll end being the Victorious in the A plot and The Trina Show in the B plot. Although if they put Jade and Andre in The Trina Show and did a spin off that would be more than acceptable.

Now, I think I'll have a lot of problems with Victorious just because I did Drama at A-level. Stage fighting does not work that way. You don't play sfx for a fight on stage. In a film, yes it's all sfx but on stage you actually achieve the sound by contact. You don't hit someone in the face (well you almost certainly do, but that's by accident) but when going to punch someone in the face, you are either hitting their hand or your own and that producing the smacking sound. Also, big fight scene like Beck and the stuntman did? Yeah, they don't happen on stage. It's just too much that could go wrong, fight scenes in plays tend to be over quickly and not that showy. And you most certainly avoid using breakable chairs and tables. Why? Because it is a fact that in any long run of shows, someone will fuck up at some point. If that's the props man and he puts a real chair in the place of the breakable one, there's going to be trouble. Also, the chair or table will have to be replaced after each performance and that's just far too much bother for what it adds to the play.

The sort of stage fighting they did isn't actually something an actor gets trained to do. It's what a stuntman does. I know a few stage fighing maneuvers, taught by my drama teacher who was overall more of a dancer than an actor. Stage fighting is easy and does not need a stuntman to teach it. After all, you can't actually use a stuntman in a play.

And the french horn bit? Yeah, they wouldn't force students to play an instrument. One, not everyone is musically inclined. Some people just don't have an ear for music and won't be able to play at a decent level. Two, singing would be acceptable as an instrument. A singer can be part of a musical performance, so they could be marked on it. The only thing I can see is that all their students are expected to be actors, singers, dancers and instrumentalists. Which is just too much.

Also, I have upgraded Jade's boyfriend to his actual name. He's not been such a douchebag and their scenes together were actually kinda cute. It's just a shame that he was generally involved in douchey stuff before we saw any sort of character emerge. And also, although he's been touted as a bad boy on wiki, he's really not. In fact, he seems to almost have a similar character to Andre. The only difference is that Beck is pushed as a love interest and Andre is taking up an exposition-friend role.

But given that Jade and Beck have finally been given a scene together, and actually had some chemistry, it's very annoying that all signs so far point towards the writers pushing for eventual Tori/Beck. Although, this episode was pretty fucking heavy with Jade/Tori. Jade was slightly obsessed with Tori, Tori took the fall for Jade and Jade was actually nice in the end and they danced to a pretty gay tune together.

(Also, the dancing scene makes me think that Derek the security guard also works as a stripper.)

EDIT: According to Dan's blog they originally used Fluorescent Adolescent for the final scene, which is a surprise as it contains lyrics like "The boy's a slag, the best you ever had". If you don't understand why that's so bad, "slag" in England is pretty much the same as the word "slut". Also it's actually a decent song.

EDIT2: I have also just realised that Jade is a Gears of War fan! It seems like I'm going to be able to retread a lot of the themes used in my iCarly fics.
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