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Why no true same sex romances? The audio files are on the discs, so it was obviously an idea and it made it as far as recording. So why was it cut from the final game? Especially annoying is the fact that there is absolutely no way to make John Shepard gay, or even hint at something other than heterosexuality. With Jane Shepard we have the pseudo-lesbian romance with Liara and the fling with Kelly in ME2, not to mention the various interactions with dancers and whatnot, meaning that with effort a player can make a Jane Shepard that is categorically a lesbian, if we so wish. But with John Shepard, nothing at all. Not even one point where he can compliment another man's looks or something? Not even just the tiniest hint?

Now, I really wouldn't care usually. I didn't really care in ME1, because Liara was just Liara, she's from an all female species and can romance Shepard regardless of gender, so it sort of works out. Yes, the audio files are still there for Jane/Ashley and John/Kaiden but I can understand those romances being removed. Mass Effect was a big game and it isn't your job to fight for gay rights, so even having Jane/Liara was a bold move.

My problems have come with ME2 and specifically Tali. She flirts with a Shepard of either gender pretty heavily, and I was pretty annoyed when I reached that point with a female Shepard and it was immediately cut off. Shepard romancing Tali/Garrus makes a lot of sense. They're not at all compatible sexually but they've formed a bond over the journey they've taken together. If they're crossing a species divide (and for both of them it's mentioned that even swapping spit could be fatal, let alone the idea of Tali getting out of her suit) then it seems a little weird for gender to be such an issue.

And here's the thing, it wouldn't have mattered if you'd just had Jane and Tali doing a similar thing to the John/Garrus bromance. But you left in the flirty lines and didn't even shut it down properly. You could have had Tali worry about the gender issue and the potential fatality and decide it's not worth risking the friendship.

What's most annoying is that there is no male homosexuality at all despite the fact that the hacked PC versions with a John/Kaiden romance can still play out the scenes in ME2. Why are lesbians (even if off on a technicality) allowed but gay men are verboten?

Sincerely, plug_in_baby57

P.S Please also sort out the dialog options. I did not want my paragon female Shepard flirting with every male crew member, but it happened. Why do the paragon choices always lead to the romance, why not put the romance dialog in it's own seperate place. I want to be nice, without leading people on.

Also, Jack. Why does she get so much more development for male Shepards who romance her? Why can't I show that people can be good for the sake of being good as a female Shepard, or without shagging her in the end? Why can't I go a bit further with Miranda's dialog for that matter either? When playing as a female Shepard, the women on the crew seem very underdeveloped. I'm sure the opposite will be true when I get around to my male Shepard. Let the characters cover the full journey you've written for them without forcing us to romance them. You can only romance one character all the way on each playthrough. I'd rather see these characters develop on one playthrough, that way the suicide mission would have much bigger emotional impact, for example you don't really get attached to Jack without romancing her and seeing her change.
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