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I suppose I need an original fic tag as well now. I think I might just have a desire to do some world building.

“You're not from here.” The Boy said. It was a definite statement, although it seemed like it should have been a question.

“No.” She replied. “Um, where is here?” She knew for sure it wasn't London. London had it's overcast days and certain parts were pretty bleak, but it did have colour. This place didn't. Her trainers, once green were now grey. What had been blonde highlights in her brown hair were now white on black. Even the campfire that had been built by The Soldier was illuminating them in varying shades of grey. The liquid oozing from The Soldier's wounds was a deep black.

In this monochrome world, The Boy stood out. He didn't appear to be much older than ten years, although he was much more intelligent than his height suggested. Like The Soldier, his skin was far paler than hers but the streak in The Boy's dark hair was a powerful blond. It seemed to be the very essence of Yellow.

“Here is difficult to explain. It's all I've ever known. I'm aware that there are other places, that people come and go from here but I have never left.” He nodded towards The Soldier. “I was told that he travelled when he was alive. Had The Magician not stolen his vocal chords before killing him, he might have been able to tell you.” The Soldier momentarily adopted a forlorn facial expression. Evidence of The Magicians handiwork remained on his throat, the poorly stitched wound still leaking blood. “For now, you will have to settle with what I can say. Here is here, and that is all I can explain.”

“Why am I here?” She asked.

“I do not know but I doubt it is a coincidence that we have crossed paths. I was told I would meet many people on my journey.” He gestured across to The Soldier. “He, The Soldier,” he said in a way that made it clear the capital letters were necessary, “was one of them. I am sure it will become apparent who you are in due course.”

“Okay, well why is everything black and white here? And why is your hair different?”

“The colours were taken by The Magician. It was thirty years ago, after he lost his mind defeating The Firebeast.”

“Wait,” she interjected, “Firebeast? What's that?”

“It was one of the Ancient Men. Some believe the Ancient Men created this world, others hold to more modern beliefs that the Ancient Men were merely the first to inhabit it, or at least the first to advance beyond the animal tendencies.”

“So the Ancient Men are gods?”

“That is unlikely. To create a world would take something beyond them, powerful though they were. The Firebeast was a mere forty feet tall, a god would be more than that. They would likely be a consciousness without a body, but still with the ability to manipulate the physical world. A god would be a being that has reached a sort of evolutionary singularity. A god, if such a thing exists would be largely incomprehensible to us. The Ancient Men were not gods, if they have followed the Firebeast they are no longer Men either.”

“Why? What happened to the Firebeast?”

“Time. It's mind rotted away to the primal instincts that are in all creatures, any musings it once had on philosophy or science have been lost. Instead it reverted to the baseline of life at some point and thirty years ago it finally felt hungry. It came to devour the town, The Magician defeated it. Then he lost his mind as well. No one is quite sure why, some believe that as it's last act the Firebeast took it as revenge, other believe that it was a natural effect from defeating something so terrible yet great.”
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