Feb. 24th, 2010

that Tifa had to cut her hair the sneak onto the cargo ship at Junon, hence it being shorter in Advent Children. Also, with all the travelling they did in game, Tifa ate a lot and put on a bit of weight, hence the smaller boobs once her diet returned to normal.

I have also justified all the jumping as FF7's planet being a small, low gravity world(hence Cloud being uninjured after falling into the church), whose North Pole is always pointed away from it's star. Thus the northern hemisphere is always in winter and the southern is always summer, hence it's lack of ice near the pole (the case is the opposite of Earth, FF7 has land on the north pole but not the south). This suggests a temperate climate between the tropics, but with it getting hotter closer towards the southern tropic, instead of the equator and the South Pole is about as warm as the northern tropic.

Furthermore, I propose that like the Gulf Stream, there is a current that takes water from Mideel's cost on the hot southern tropic, north up near Wutai, hence their seemingly warmer climate. I have yet to bullshit up an explanation for Costa Del Sol.

Anyways, after reading tvtropes pages on FF8 I think I might have to replay it to get the full experience.



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