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Yay for writing ability returning a bit. This is probably going to be the start of my superheroes fic, but you know it goes into the action scene at the end.

It was raining. It always rained in Seattle.

The woman she was watching from the rooftop was wearing a light jacket and didn't have an umbrella. The woman looked likely to catch a cold. It wasn't a problem for her watcher, crouched on the edge of the roof, wearing little more than a leotard with a flame design embossed on the chest, elbow length gloves, knee length boots and a domino mask, all in black. Puberty had revealed an interesting genetic quirk in the young adventurer meaning she didn't have to worry about staying warm. She had to worry about not leaving burning foot prints as she walked instead.

It wasn't really a major problem for the woman either. Not when she'd been working the late shift and decided to take a short cut home to minimise her time in the rain. Walking down an alley in this part of the city was never a good idea anyway, it was even worse doing it at night.

Sure enough, she watched two thugs appear from the darkness, in front of the woman. They were fairly big guys, the watcher knew she wouldn't be able to take them toe to toe. She couldn't go toe to toe with anyone but she didn't need to. The thugs both brandished guns, the heavy rain drowning out the sound of their threats. Neither made an effort to advance on the woman or grab her, much to the watcher's relief. It looked like this was no more than a mugging, although she'd soon put a stop to that.

She jumped from the roof across the alley, managing to grab the railing of the fire escape on the next building, the rain covering the noise. To save time, she released the railing and quickly dropped past one, then two railings and grabbed the final one before she smashed into the ground, a result that would help no one. She swung herself up onto the fire escape, before climbing to stand on the railing nearest to the woman being threatened by the thugs.

From there, with a clearer view she could see that their guns looked like cheap Saturday Night Specials, costing very little but also poorly made from cheap materials. That was always good news for her, cheap materials had low melting points and she tried to refrain from burning people too badly. All this nocturnal crime fighting meant she hadn't even started her history report to be handed in next week and the last thing she needed was more bad press.
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