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Title: Fireworks and Blushes
Characters/pairings: Cloud/Yuffie
Rating: K
Wordcount: 545
Notes: Not my original idea but I found it hard to finish so I thought "I'll start a new drabble and keep it short!" Then wrote 500 words for it but it's done.

With all the time she'd spent with Avalanche, Yuffie had grown used to explosives flying at her. It meant she wasn't too fazed by the fireworks, which someone had decided would be good to have going off right next to the gondola. She had to admit it probably was safe for Cloud sitting inside it, but not for her half hanging out of the window.

But this was a date with Cloud, not the fireworks, so she jumped back in, landing her lithe frame with a stylish pirouette.

Cloud stared off into space, seemingly unimpressed. He'd been like that all night. In fact, he'd been like that ever since they'd started closing the gap on Sephiroth. Even when we're stuck here for the night he can't switch off she thought.

“Cloud...?” She said, trying to drag him out of his shell, like their appearance in the play earlier had done. Sure he'd been embarrassed and looked like an idiot but it'd taken his mind off Sephiroth for a bit, and that was the reason she'd dragged him out tonight. Well, that and he wasn't really ugly or anything. Yes, he was the only option aside from old men like Cid and Barret, old men that looked young like the creepy Vincent guy or whatever it was that Red XIII was but she would definitely have looked at him twice if she saw him on the street.

As the fireworks illuminated the cabin, she made sure to sit in his line of sight, only to find he continued staring through her. She'd been trying as hard as she could but nothing seemed to distract him for long. With her determination sapping, impulse took over. Before she realised it, she was up, leaning over him and pressed her lips to his cheek.

Her face red like a very red thing, she jumped back into her seat. She chastised herself for being a moron. It was bad enough that she randomly kissed him, but on the cheek as well? If she had to make an idiot of herself, she knew she should've gone for the big prize, right on the lips. It was made worse by his silence. Suddenly, she realised it was up to her to break the tension.

“I just felt like doing that,” she said looking down and scratching the itch that had unexpectedly broken out on the back of her neck. He remained impassive and she realised that he hadn't actually reacted at all. He might not even have realised she kissed him and she felt like an even bigger idiot. “That's all,” she dug further.

No reaction.

“H, hey!!” she stumbled, “Say something, why don't you?” she implored him, face burning ever hotter. This time he at least looked at her like she was there with him.

“...” was the only way you could transcribe his reply.

“Gawd, I could just die,” she said.

He said nothing.

“Say something, please!” she begged for anything at all. For a moment it seemed like he was still ignoring her but then there was a slight upwards twitch from the corner of his mouth and the eyebrow to match.


Maybe she had gotten through after all.

Date: 2010-02-22 03:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] leskuh.livejournal.com
Eee! I loved it! You've really got Yuffie down as a character. <3 <3 <3



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